About Us

Welcome to Smallo!

Our mission is to empower kids imagination while creating long lasting memories of family fun! With our stickers you can rest assured the boredom monster will be left out any room!

We're sticking to happiness!

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Our story

Our story begins at the start of this global pandemic, with a strong need to keep the kids entertained at home, combined with a personal desire to free ourselves from a corporate life that was taking quality family time away from us. Can you relate?

Fierce fans of Pinterest, when a friend of ours asked us for ideas for a classroom play hack, we started researching DIYs, kids activities and in the process we found some IKEA hacks that we feel in love with. Quickly some sketches started to emerge and it hasn't stopped yet.


Our mission

At the heart of Smallo Studios design ethos is playfulness, uniqueness and quality!

For sustainability reasons, we do not print our stickers in advance in order to avoid waste. We also make maximum use of the printing sheet and therefore we always fit small stickers that we offer as a small gift to all our customers with every order!

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For everyone

We believe in gender neutrality and that colours are free to be used by everyone. We believe that everyone is different and in celebrating those differences. Inclusivity and representativeness are values that we want to pass on to our children.

We also have a giveback policy in which we offer some of our products to less privileged institutions and families. Follow our work on social media!

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